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Christopher Arlen will serve the Lakewood community with integrity, passion and seemingly endless energy. Ward 4 couldn't have a stronger candidate to advocate on its behalf.

Rev. Dr. Brian J. Henderson  | Senior Minister, First Baptist Church of Denver

I met Christopher about 9 years ago. I have been a part of two real estate transactions with Christopher and he is a man of integrity and one that does the right thing. In a business deal, you can always tell who people are by the way they treat others. Christopher is a good guy and well intentioned.

Gail Wheeler | Real Estate Broker

Now more than ever, we need to elect strong, compassionate leaders to fight for common sense solutions to community issues. I have had the privilege of working and volunteering with Christopher over the past ten years, and I can honestly say, he leads from the heart and works hard to build inclusive communities. He is an honest, strong and compassionate leader who has a deep willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns. His limitless energy and vision for Lakewood is exactly what is needed in this tired and polarizing political climate.

Joy Knox | Nonprofit Consultant

I’ve known and worked with Christopher Arlen for well over 15 years. More importantly, I have known him as someone who is comfortable engaging diverse stakeholders, a strategic thinker, and someone who is both prudent and pragmatic... [He] aligns with the attributes needed for the Lakewood City Council.

Morris Price Jr. | Nonprofit Executive Director

I’ve had the honor of seeing Christopher Arlen demonstrate his love for community for over 20 years. His commitment runs deep, and his ability to empower and connect will serve Lakewood well. He is as capable as he is compassionate.

T.S. Pegues | Community Advocate

I’ve known Chris for several years now. Besides being a great guy, he is compassionate, enthusiastic, forward thinking, progressive, and loves Lakewood and the community. He will do well in Ward 4!

Lori H. | Ward 4 Resident

I have known Christopher for several years. He is one of the hardest working, competent individuals I know. He is one who is deeply committed to solving problems and finding concrete solutions. When Christopher gives his word, you can rest assured that he will follow through on his commitment. I strongly endorse him to represent Ward 4 on the Lakewood City Council. His voice needs to be heard!

Judy Asbury | Former Jeffco Counselor

Christopher's many gifts include heartfelt compassion, a fierce intellect, and an unwavering dedication to truth-telling. It would be an honor to be represented by him.

Christie Rewey | Friend

The people of Ward 4 have a great opportunity to elect Christopher Arlen as their representative. I’ve known Christopher for the past 12 years, and will attest to his tireless energy and effortless ability to bring people together. He is a compassionate, driven leader with the resolve to hear to the voice of the people and work for solutions that will best serve the community and allow it to continue to thrive.

Roger Feldkamp | Manager, Project Management

I am happy to endorse Christopher Arlen. His strength and dedication to people should not go unrecognized. You couldn’t have a better candidate to represent the people of Ward 4. 

Dr. Tricia Matthew | Professor

I am a long time friend of Christopher's and give the highest endorsement and recommendation for this position. On both personal and professional levels, Christopher is level-headed, compassionate, has sound decision-making and judgment, and always acts with integrity. I have no doubt he will serve his community, city and constituents honorably in this position. I can think of no better candidate to fill this position of leadership.

Ken King, MBA, CFE | Former Lakewood Police Agent

Christopher Arlen's commitment to social justice with love and compassion changes the everyday lives of the people he serves. the Lakewood community has a transformative and dynamic leader working on their behalf.

Lorenzo McDuffie | Nonprofit Executive Director