My parents instilled in me ​the value of being of service. In my family, there is nothing more noble or rewarding than being of service to others. My father was a teacher, a pastor and a nonprofit director. My mother is a retired nurse. My siblings and I have followed this lead -- a physician's assistant, a college professor and a nurse educator. I've made my mark in the nonprofit sector and through community ministry. Serving others is our faith in action.

We were raised to treat others the way we would like to be treated. I learned that we don't always have to agree to get along. I know that good things happen when we work together.  I believe that we all benefit from living in a thriving community. We all embrace the unique characteristics that make Lakewood a special place to live, work and do business. So I want to focus on the things that we share in common.

These are my values and they are the values at core of my candidacy for Lakewood City Council. I care a lot about our community and I believe you care too. So let's work together to build a stronger Lakewood.

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