A Stronger

Lakewood Starts Now.

When I talk with people about the values of our campaign, they become excited. You can help me spread the word and get this message out there.


With your support and committed effort, we can reach the Voters of Ward 4 and ask them to join us. Let's win this campaign together!


I invite you to participate in a scheduled canvassing event, or you can join me one-on-one as your schedule allows. Let's inspire our friends and neighbors in our Ward to make a new choice about who represents them on Lakewood City Council. We don't have to wait to build a stronger Lakewood... so let's start now.

I'll walk with you...
What time of day are you available?

Each canvassing team will work for about two hours per volunteer shift. All volunteers are required to participate in a brief orientation to the campaign and adhere to our guidelines for community engagement. Welcome to the team.

Stay up to date with the campaign

Contact Us. Stay Involved. Make Your Voice Heard.

Christopher4Lakewood@gmail.com  |  (720) 290-1600