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Behind it all is a theory...

Never underestimate the power of a novel idea in the hands of good people.

A Strong Foundation

I have always trying to live my life consistent with my values and beliefs. Working in the nonprofit sector, coupled with my ministerial experiences, I have gained a deep faith in all people. Regardless of where we come from, or what we've experienced, we have so much more in common that we might realize. I have also developed an appreciation for finding novel ways to work within communities to promote health, reduce risk-taking behaviors, and to promote activities to promote individual and community resiliency. I've come to appreciate the science that supports these efforts and among these, I have relied most heavily on the Diffusion of Innovation. This theory was pioneered in the 60's by Dr. Everett Rogers and gives insight into why people behave the way they do while giving us clues as to what can be done to change how people behave. It all starts with a novel idea and people who are willing to support that idea.


When I ran for Lakewood City Council, the heart of my campaign message was that we don't have to agree on everything to work together because the issues facing Lakewood impact us all. While this message was in now way profound, given the politically polarizing times we find ourselves in, it was novel. Even more, It was a message that people could get behind, even if they didn't know me. To support this message, I declared that I was not running an oppositional campaign, rather I was running for an idea... that we could do better as friends, as neighbors and as a community. My slogan was "building a stronger Lakewood together. I had no name recognition and only 10 weeks in which to launch a meaningful campaign. I didn't win. But I got 30% of the vote!

This campaign was possible because of people who wanted to stand behind this idea. Novel ideas attract doers. I met my friend Brenda because she wanted to know who this guy was with a sign in every yard for my entire block. My best volunteer, Gay, read about my campaign in the local paper and wanted to stand behind this idea. Dave and Sheila connected me with so many people who were looking for positive change. I enjoyed the opportunities to meet so many people who were willing to support my campaign by writing checks, hosting fundraisers, introducing me to their neighbors and friends. All because of the simple idea that we could find new ways to work across our differences to find a common ground. Even in politics, novel and innovative ideas can move people into action.


Creating Positive Change Through Constructive Engagement

Whether its in providing services, recruiting volunteers, launching a new initiative or running for political office, the way in which we engage one another is the foundation on rapport is developed, trust is established and positive outcomes are made possible. In this, credibility is earned such that your novel idea is now the common cause. New leaders emerge and the message is amplified through through their commitment and their goodwill; this is the diffusion.

What can we create together? What about a healthier and more productive workplace? Maybe we can improve our neighborhoods and build stronger communities. We can support good people who are doing good things than improve the world and support those in need. What if we could learn to embrace conflict and the potential to navigate our way to peaceful resolution? These are the things that I believe in. I look forward to exploring what might create together.

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