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The Soft Skills Company is a management consulting and professional development consultancy providing customized training solutions for government and nonprofit clients. We offer an array of workshops and courses designed to strengthen interactive, relational, adaptive skills among an increasingly diverse workforce.

Facilitation, Mediation and Training Consultants

Whether a two-day intensive workshop, a half-day focused course, or multi-day sessions, our interactive model is tailored to meet the specific needs of your group or organization. The Soft Skills Company can help your organization improve nearly any area of workplace interaction.

Our trainings are normally delivered on-site, in classroom settings. Currently, we are operating in the virtual space with online trainings. We provide all training materials and build upon each participant's existing knowledge and prior experience. Our "up and out of the seat" training approach allows the course to come alive for participants, helping us deliver on our promise of relevant and impactful learning. Rooted in current research and established best practices, our courses promote the essential elements of the professional relationship: accountability, trust and communication.

Facilitative Leadership:

A Skills-Building Course

This 16-hour course will strengthen both leadership and facilitation skills, while increasing participant's ability to facilitate difficult conversations, identify shared objects and problem-solve with diverse stakeholders while strengthening their confidence in building consensus, communicating effectively and strengthening group dynamic skills.


The Heart of Governance

Serving on a nonprofit board should be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, many people serve on boards unaware of their legal and ethical responsibilities. This three-hour workshop will acquaint participants with a framework for new and seasoned board members to step powerfully into their role as stewards of the organization.


The Heart of Collaboration

Relationships are the foundation on which effective teams are built. The ability to communicate across organizational cultures advances the organization's mission and exemplifies leadership and consistency. In this 8-hour course participants will strengthen their ability to resolve differences, build trust and increase respect among peers.

Professional Services

We advocate for healthy workplaces. With a keen focus on the principles of accountability, trust and communication, we work with organizations of all sizes to identify and navigate new paths to success.


We provide professional facilitation services. Whether you're seeking a facilitated discussion, a small group gathering or a weekend retreat, we here to help you achieve your objective.

Conflict Resolution Mediation

Unresolved conflict in the workplace undermines organizational success. We can help persons in conflict identify their key issues and work together toward resolution.

Coaching and Development

We are available to provide additional support through short-term or ongoing coaching. We work with our clients to build confidence, strengthen skills, and lead more effectively.

Customized Training Solutions

We're committed to your success! If you are experiencing a particular issue, we would love to talk and explore what custom training options we can create for you.

What our customers are saying

The class was great! Christopher had great examples and suggestions.  I really appreciate the guidance.

Facilitative Leadership Course Participant - U.S. Department of Energy

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